Winter Update

Hi! We have just released Winter Update!

We are releasing Verticality, new skirmish map which makes use of our previous update! Use walls to rapidly slide up and surprise your opponents! New weather effect was added – on some maps, Verticality included, it is snowing now – is the system freezing down?

We have added in-game settings to alter mouse sensitivity, sound volume or field of view without need to exit back to menu.

For full changelog please scroll below the video.

Full changelog

  • new skirmish map: Verticality
  • added snow effect
  • added dust effect
  • skirmish map Heat: reduced fog intensity
  • skirmish map The Dam: simplified geometry
  • added field of view setting
  • added in-game setup – FOV, master volume, mouse sensitivity
  • moved campaign recap to score key (default: Tab)
  • fix: suicide in MP
  • fix: flamethrower corrupted accuracy stat
  • fix: pause character animation on pause

See you in the arena!

Filip, Michal, Vojta

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